Brand Strategy

We belive that strategy comes first! Great brands that inspire loyalty and enjoy diehard followings - don’t happen by accident. They take root by virtue of insightful planning. A distinct, consistant and engaging brand strategy makes for the best starting point for any creative process. We help our clients with Brand strategies, positioning statements and portofolio strategies.

Brand Packaging

We develop and design inspirational packaging solutions that clarifies and strengthens our clients ownable brand equities and allows them to build upon these throughout a wider marketing perspective. We know what it takes to make a product pop and create desire as well a demand. Focusing on both the visual and structural aspects of packaging.

Brand Creation

Every strong brand starts as an idea. We help our clients turn that idea into a brand. We generate, screen and test brand names for products, services and organizations. The process is creative and focused - leading up to a selection for final revue. In the end it’s all about differentiating your business from the competitors and driving customers to your door.

Brand Communication

Creating a brand is only the begining. The next step is how to communicate it. The right message - in the right channels - to the right receiver. That’s the challenge. We help our clients deliver a perfect blend of beauty and brains. A rule of thumb is - a message that is entertaining is more efficient than a message that is trying to sell. Fresh, forward thinking get’s the job done every time!

Brand Identity

The bigger picture. The recognizable and coherent image of your brand. We help our clients develop strong, memorable and cost-effective identity systems adding value over time. We deliver everything from business cards and stationary to broschures and websites. Wordmarks, symbols, patterns, imagery - sometimes even sounds. All presented in brand guidelines and manuals.

Brand Advertising

All clever buzzwords aside we would like to take a moment to quote Dr Scholl - Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise! If you combine creative with strategy you get advertising and we are masters at work! Working close together with our clients to create a memorable, inviting, simple yet powerful impression that lead to long lasting relationships.